All these paintings are mixed media on plaster, mounted on bespoke wood panel

Please click on each work to see the surface


Looking Glass  41x41cm March 2019 SOLD

Wall Fragment (One Time 1) 30x30cm mixed media on canvas 2020

Sanctuary 51x51x5cm/ 24x24x2 ins 2018

Wall Fragment (One Time 2) 30x30cm mixed media on canvas 2020

Thinking Back  51x51cm/20x20ins    Jan 2019  NFS

Wall Fragment H 30x30cm mixed media 2020

 Omphalos  51x51x5cm/ 24x24x2ins mixed media on plaster on wood panel 2018 SOLD

Once, Twice, Three Times 41x41cm April 2019

How the Light Gets In 91.5x121.5cm plaster on panel Large Wall fragment 2019-2020

Fire Screen  61x61x5cm/ 30x30x2ins Nov 2018

Penchant 51x41cm April 2019  SOLD

Second Looking Glass 41x41cm April 2019

Lookout 41x41cm April 2019

Back 41x41cm  March 2019

The Blue and White Geometry of Greece  76x 76cm/30x30ins Oct 2018

Heart of Hearts  81.5x87cm/32x34ins 2018

Viva Verde!  51x5 cm/24x24ins Italy 2018



Koan 51x51cm/24x24ins 2018 shown at the Florence Biennale 2019


Untitled Wall Fragment 120x114cm mixed media on plaster 2018 SOLD

Love in a Dark Place 100.5x106cm 2018

Bookmark  acrylic and crayon on card  15x21cm 2018 SOLD

Knickerbocker 51x51cm 2018 SOLD

Doors Koan  51x51cm mixed media on plaster 2018 SOLD

Homing In 31x31cm  2018

Through and Through  15x21cm acrylic and pencil on card 2018 NFS

Blind 30.5x30.5cm 2018 SOLD

Blue Orb 61x61cm 2018

Any Which Way  31x31cm SOLD

Square into Rectangle goes Orange 50.5x40.5cm SOLD

Love 51x51cm /20x20ins 2017

My Lucky Number's White

My Lucky Number’s White76x76cm SOLD

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2017

Mother And Daughter

Mother And Daughter  SOLD
92x92cm mixed media on plaster

Darkness into Light 61x61cm shown at the Florence Biennale 2019

Let there be Love 120x120cm mixed media on plaster 2018

Love 61x61cm

Time Was 61x61 mixed media on plaster

Notations in Stone and Air 92x92cm mixed media on plaster

Blue Time Passing 31x31cm mixed media on plaster 2018 SOLD in auction in aid of artists’ project 2019

New Angles 41x41cm mixed media on plaster


31x31 cm mixed media on plaster SOLD

Still Standing

Sold at the  Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2017


Wall Fragment: Delos  SOLD

Frames of Mind SOLD

Ways to Peace 15x15cm? on paper

Wall Fragment with HGL

Wall Fragment: Eve

51x51cm £850

Talisman Series 1 13x13 x5cm SOLD

Going up to Heaven 31x31cm mixed media on plaster

Talisman Series 2 13x13x5cm SOLD

1961 Wall Fragment SOLD


Talisman 3 13x13x5cm SOLD