Works on paper or card

th wallfragment
 Wall Fragment Dec 2016  16x16cm SOLD



Mother And Daughter

Pan Pipes 18.5x18cm



Lost Love

Jangle 18×18.5cm


City 16x16cm


What Remains 16x16cm


By Chance 19×18.5cm SOLD

Truth to Power 19×18.5 SOLD

Going Through 12.5x13cm

Towards Peace 16x16cm

Sliding Doors 18x25cm



Ellison 17.5×27.5

Hcx7  15×20.5

Open Book 16x16cm SOLD

E Book 20x19cm

Freshly Done 19x18cm

Off the Ground 12x12cm

Tightrope-walking 16x16cm

Intercession 16x16cm

Juxtapositions 18.5x18cm

Nursery Rhyme 12.5x12cm

THL wall fragment 18.5x18cm

Hot 12.5×12.5cm

Definitions 19×18.5cm SOLD

Hot Tub 18x18cm SOLD

WfH 18×18.5cm

Humble Beginnings 16.5×16.5

The Unfinished One 

Sliding Shades of Grey 20x25cm

Into The Unknown 20×25.5

Big H wall fragment 18.5x18cm