Works on paper or card

th wallfragment
 Wall Fragment Dec 2016  16x16cm SOLD



Mother And Daughter

Pan Pipes 18.5x18cm



Lost Love

Jangle 18x18.5cm


City 16x16cm


What Remains 16x16cm


By Chance 19x18.5cm SOLD

Truth to Power 19x18.5 SOLD

Going Through 12.5x13cm

Towards Peace 16x16cm

Sliding Doors 18x25cm



Ellison 17.5x27.5

Hcx7  15x20.5

Open Book 16x16cm SOLD

E Book 20x19cm

Freshly Done 19x18cm

Off the Ground 12x12cm

Tightrope-walking 16x16cm

Intercession 16x16cm

Juxtapositions 18.5x18cm

Nursery Rhyme 12.5x12cm

THL wall fragment 18.5x18cm

Hot 12.5x12.5cm

Definitions 19x18.5cm SOLD

Hot Tub 18x18cm SOLD

WfH 18x18.5cm

Humble Beginnings 16.5x16.5

The Unfinished One 

Sliding Shades of Grey 20x25cm

Into The Unknown 20x25.5

Big H wall fragment 18.5x18cm