ARTin2AID 2018


Below are 25 paintings for this year’s Artin2Aid.   

Please click on each image to enlarge

All are greatly reduced as they not recent – and I need to make space in my studio for new work!

50% of all proceeds will go to Save the Children

• to RESERVE  a painting, please click to email :

• COLLECTION/ Viewing by appointment: The Studio (see map on Contact page)

or I will deliver or send to you if I can. Postage extra, sorry.

Kiff 15x16cm oil on board SOLD

Sash  14x16ins/ 35x41cm  oil on canvas with pencil and chalks  £295

Hello Flower oil on canvas 12x12ins/ 31x31cm £150

Nightfall Near Hydra   12.5x13.5ins/ 32x34cm oil on board (2009)SOLD

Snowscape:Downs 18x18ins/ 46x46cm oil and sand (2009) £160

Tuft 15x15 cm oil on board mounted on white wood SOLD

 Escape  5x7ins/ 13x18cm oil and pencil on board £120 including bespoke frame (20013)

Small Step oil on board 6x5.5ins/ 15x14cm SOLD

Precision Instrument 18x13cm oil on board SOLD

Soar  24x24ins/ 61x61cm  oil on board with bespoke white tray frame: 31x31ins/79x79cm (2000)  £275

Snows  12x12ins/ 30x30  oils and sand on panel (2009)  SOLD

On the Shore 41x41cm oil on canvas (2006) SOLD

Red Bridge Prana  20x20ins51x51cm oil on canvas with white tray frame £250

The First Day  33x40ins/ 84x102cm oil on canvas (2009) £595

Shining Through  24x24ins/ 61x61 plus bespoke white tray frame: 31x319ns 79x79cm oil on board (2000) £295

Curtains 18x13cm oil on gesso board SOLD

Matador 7x5ins/18x13cm oil on gesso panel £90

Archer  7x5ins/18x13cm oil on gesso panel £70

Up and Up  5x7ins/ 13x18cm oil on gesso board £70

Vrakos (Rocks)  20x40ins/ 51x102cm oil on canvas £500

Bloomin Marvellous 4x6ins/10x15cm mixed media drawing with 25x30cm mount £40

Sinai 12x12ins/30x30cm oil on canvas 2008 SOLD

Maritime 4x6ins/10x15cm mixed media drawing.With mount : 20x25cm  £40

Green Tulip Afterimage   16x16ins/ 40x40cm oil on canvas 2003  £120

Nesting  9.5x12ins/ 24x30cm oil on gesso panel with simple white tray frame £95