A R T 4 A I D

Here are the paintings selected for this year’s Art4Aid.

They are greatly reduced as they are not recent and I need to make space in my studio for new work!

50% of all proceeds will go to Save the Children

  • to RESERVE  a painting, please email : michele@michelegriffiths.com
  • COLLECTION/Viewing: The Studio (see map on Contact page)

or I will deliver or send to you if I can. Postage extra, sorry.

Tuft 1  Temporarily unavailable

15x16 cm oil on board

Sepia Series 1   £250

99x117cm oil on linen 2002

Kiff   Withdrawn

15x16cm oil on board  2001

Untitled    £200

66x56cm oil on panel 1996

Blue Times Two   £220

70x70cm oil on canvas (slightly imperfect)

Origin   £300

105x102 cm oil on linen 1998

Resurrection   £190

51x67cm oil on canvas 1999

Sepia Series 2    £250

99x117cm oil on linen 2002

Skin Deep 2   £200
53x51cm oil on canvas

The Big Blue   £300

105x102 cm mixed media on canvas 1999

Still Life with Pitcher   SOLD

41x41cm oil on canvas

Moonlit   SOLD

51x51cm  oil on canvas 2004

51cm / 51cm-20ins diameter mixed media on board

Annunciation   £300

102x91cm oil on canvas 2001

Intimate   £180
51x53cm  oil on canvas

Green Tulips Afterimage   £150
40x40cm oil on canvas 2013

Fen   SOLD

20.5x20.5cm + frame=35x55cm oil on board

Bridge    SOLD

61x61cm oil on canvas

Nursery Rhyme   £95

mixed media on paper approx 15x15cm 2017

Thalassa   SOLD

51x102cm oil on canvas

Pavilion   £50

14x14cm oil on board

At the End of the Rainbow   £70

18x13cm oil on gesso panel

Study in Yellow and Grey   SOLD

14x14cm oil on board

Concept   £70

18x13cm oil on gesso panel

Isadora   SOLD

18x13cm oil on gesso panel

Nativity   £70

18x13cm oil on gesso panel